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Isann Lodge

Isann Lodge is the popular self catering accommodation for you who wants to feel at home and be at home while enjoying a peaceful holiday in Siem Reap. our hotel is the best choice for you.

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Isann Villa

ISANN mean NORTHEAST. The name ‘Isann’ was derived from Isana, a manifestation of Shiva as the deity of the northeast, and the Sanskrit word for northeast. The term ‘Isann’ also come from Isanapura, the old capital of the Chenla kingdom of Cambodia predating the Angkor civilization.

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Hot Stone Cafe

Hotstone Café strives to use unique and exceptional local ingredients to create original Khmer cuisine and western set. We offer a weekly degustation set menu, as well as an a la carte menu including dishes cooked on the ‘hot stone,’ the ancient practice of barbecue grilling on volcanic stone heated to 400 degrees.

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